ISCEA CHSCA Certified Healthcare Supply Chain Analyst

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chsca Healthcare Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a unique set of principles and procedures intended to deliver life-changing patient care services to those in need. This program focuses on the delivery of products and services to the right place at the right time at the right price in order to achieve this outcome.The Certified Healthcare Supply Chain Analyst (CHSCA) program is designed to provide participants the ability to demonstrate mastery related to topics uniquely related to healthcare supply chain principles, which vary from traditional manufacturing supply chain topics. While the certification covers some of the traditional supply chain topics seen in other industries, such as purchasing, transportation and sourcing, it also covers healthcare-specific topics such as GS1, healthcare innovation, supply chain risk management and healthcare demand planning.

The course will be concluded with a final exam on the last course day. By passing the exam the delegate is entitled to put the CHSCA credentials behind his/her name. The final exam consists of four modules and will be online performed at the last course day and covers:

  1. Supply Chain Foundations
  2. Healthcare Planning & Strategy
  3. Tactical considerations
  4. Other topics

The CHSCA Certified Healthcare Supply Chain Analyst program is developed by ISCEA, the worldwide authoritative resource for supply chain career validation with certificate holders in 47 countries on 6 continents. The ISCEA International Standards Board for Healthcare is chaired by Dr. Gerald (Jerry) Ledlow Ph.D., MHA, FACHE and consist of respectable expert from the healthcare industry in USA, Saudi Arabia and India.

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