Key note speech of Paul Denneman at the IPSM conference "Supply Chain, 2020 New Reality" broadcasted on October 20, 2020 from Kiev, Ukraine.

In this speech a connection is made between the climate crises and the current coivid-19 pandemic. What is the impact, could we have avoided it and what action can we take for the future?

The pandemic could be seen as an unplanned event in which for a moment the earth stopped rotating and the effect of manmade climate change could be observed. The effects were there, but it also showed that a price is high. Coivid-19 had impact on the triple P (People, Planet, Profit) but is the effect sustainable?Stopping the earth is a very drastic solution.

There are easier ways to try to reduce the impact of mankind on the earth. Paul Denneman highlighted 7 ways to make your supply chain sustainable and presented steps to embed it.

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