Supply Chain Workshop Series

Supply Chain Workshop Series

The Supply Chain Workshop Series are designed for those employees who have a sound basis in Operations- and Supply Chain Management, but want to extend this with practical application.

Participants at a workshop will become acquainted with the main concepts within one or more of the below mentioned areas:

  • - Lean Enterprise
  • - Inventory Management and Control
  • - Managing Suppliers and Stakeholders
  • - Sustainable Supply Chains
  • - Global Sourcing
  • - Theory of Constraints
  • - Customer Focused Supply Chain Management

In each workshop specific topics are explored and practical application is sought within your own business situation. A Workshop Series consist of several sessions which will be held on different days.

Main concepts

Currently the following Supply Chain Workshop Series are available:

Customer Focused Supply Chain Management A one-day seminar which is highly effective in precisely those business functions that support the supply chain and collaborate with them to get acquainted with the possibilities and impossibilities of Supply Chain Management.

Lean Enterprise The Lean Enterprise Workshop Series is organized so you can approach and understand the lean transformation process systematically. Using scenarios from a fictitious company, Murphy's Toys, you will be tasked with finding lean solutions to numerous challenges.

Inventory Management and Control This workshop provides participants with operational knowledge and understanding of inventory management principles and techniques. Among the topics presented are inventory management fundamentals, ordering techniques, replenishment policies, purchasing management, and inventory performance measurement. Basic methods of planning and controlling inventory in manufacturing, institutional, distribution, and retail environments are covered.

Managing Suppliers and Stakeholders Today many people work with many others in complex relationships. As these relationships are important in ensuring the success or failure in achieving your business objectives, we have to align with internal stakeholders or working with external suppliers. Managing, monitoring and maximizing these relationships are important for the success of every organization and process.This workshop is focused on managing suppliers and stakeholders. It will help the student to improve their supply chain execution within their company.

Sustainable Supply Chains  This workshop is focussing on establishing a sustainable supply chain and material supply. It will help the student to improve the supply chain execution within their company. The workshop will serve as guidance through the process of establishing sustainable supply chains and will help to systematically manage environmental and social issues in the global supply chain.

Global Sourcing  The Global Sourcing Workshop Series will help you to navigate through the complex and changing landscape of international business. Companies and organizations need skilled supply chain and operations management professionals in today's intensely competitive global marketplace. The workshop provide a comprehensive overview of the critical competencies and challenges associated with international sourcing and procurement.

Theory of Constraints Every system is constrained in some way, therefore identifying the policies and processes that hinder your organization is critical for achieving success. The Theory of Constraints: Concepts and Principles Workshop Series is a comprehensive training tool that explores strategies for applying the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to increase efficiency and achieve dramatic bottom-line improvements.


Benefits of attending one or more of the Supply Chain Workshop Series are:

  • Enhance you professional knowledge and skills
  • Gain practical experience analyzing how to incorporate the workshop experience into your organization
  • Obtain broad knowledge of solutions
  • Prepare a practical plan for application into your organziation
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion 

Course delivery options

The APICS Supply Workshop Series are offered in-company only.

Why hire us?

Mutatis Mutandis is a education provider since 1993. As APICS strongly supports and stands behind the quality of its Instructors. Mutatis Mutandis only works with Master Instructors who have enhanced instructors' skills and provide the resources to deliver the highest quality instruction of the APICS body of knowledge. Our instructors have years of practical experience in the area they instruct.

The combination of didactic and practical experience of our instructors, our extensive experience in logistics and change management, did result in high exam pass rates and student satisfaction.

Mutatis Mutandis, the training specialist in Operations- and Supply Chain Management. With over 20 years’ experience in education and training we offer professional assistance in completing your request.

If you are interested or want to know more? Please contact us for an informal chat.


Course overview

The below training options are delivered in-companny only. If you are interested in one of these courses, please click on the course of your choice. Below the aditional description, you will find the information request form. We will contact you to discuss options available.
Code Course Title Location Price*
CFSCM-INT Customer-Focussed Supply Chain Management Seminar in company 2000.00 EUR Indication per group
CCS-INT Essentials of Container Shipping Workshop Series In-company 7500.00 EUR Indication per group
GS-INT Global Sourcing Workshop Series in company 4500.00 EUR Indication per group
IMC-INT Inventory Management and Control Workshop Series in company 4500.00 EUR Indication per group
LEM-INT Lean Enterprise Workshop Series in company 7500.00 EUR Indication per group
SMR-INT Managing Suppliers and Stakeholders Workshop Series in company 4500.00 EUR Indication per group
SSC-INT Sustainable Supply Chains Workshop Series in company 7500.00 EUR Indication per group
TOC-INT Theory of Constraints Workshop Series in company 4500.00 EUR Indication per group
*excl. VAT and travel.