Global Sourcing Workshop Series

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Course description

It is a global marketplace and the Global Sourcing Workshop Series helps you navigate the complex and changing landscape of international business. Companies and organizations need skilled supply chain and operations management professionals in today's intensely competitive global marketplace. The workshop provides a comprehensive study of the critical competencies and challenges associated with international sourcing and procurement.

This workshop is available as a one-day executive overview as well.

Course content

The Global Sourcing Workshop Series consists of four modules which are presented in three days.

The workshop covers the following subjects:


  • Why globalization?
  • Definition of key terms
  • Evaluating countries
  • Selecting suppliers
  • Cultural relationships
  • Determining logistics requirements

Global Suppliers

  • Sourcing global suppliers
  • Evaluating suppliers
  • Defining and managing risk
  • Establishing strategic relationships
  • Qualifying suppliers
  • Preparing for site visits
  • Analyzing contracts
  • Setting communication strategy

Cultural Relationships

  • Recognizing challenges of cultural relationships
  • Etiquette and protocol resources
  • Maintaining communication

Logistics Requirements

  • Developing the appropriate Supply Chain Strategy
  • Selecting logistics partners
  • Understanding contract terminology
  • Navigating paperwork requirements
  • Choosing modes of transport
  • Managing cash flow

Participant materials

The Global Sourcing Workshop Series is offered in-company training. Training material includes:

  • The Workshop Global Sourcing Participant Guide;

This package can be extended with additional materials, on request and at additional cost. We only use original materials.

Course Delivery

  • The program covers six workshop sessions distributed over three days. Per session, assignments are given as homework.
  • An executive program, which consists of two sessions that presented in one day. The executive program is part of the full program as well.


The total course fee is inclusive:

  • The educational materials
  • Attending the lessons and guidance by the instructor

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