Theory of Constraints Workshop Series

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Course description

Every system is constrained in some way. Finding the policies and processes that hinder your organization is critical for achieving success. The Theory of Constraints Workshop Series explores strategies for applying TOC principles to increase efficiency and achieve dramatic bottom-line improvement.

Course content

The Theory of Constraints Workshop Series consists of six modules which are presented in three days.

The workshop covers the following subjects:

  1. Constraints Management Overview
  2. Performance Measures
  3. Production Management
  4. Critical Chain Project Management
  5. Supply Chain Management
  6. Thinking Processes

Participants will learn to deal with all aspects of the Theory of Constraints, including Drum-Buffer-Rope scheduling, bottleneck management, Critical Chain Project Management and Constraints Management. The workshops are designed for anyone who wants to look at a different way to limitations witin the company.

Participant materials

The Theory of Constraints Workshop Series is offered as in-company training. Training material includes:

  • The Workshop Theory of Constraints: Concepts and Principles Participant Guide;

This package can be extended with additional materials, on request and at additional cost. We only use original materials.

Course Delivery

The program covers six workshop sessions distributed over three days.


The total course fee is inclusive:

  • The educational materials
  • Attending the lessons and guidance by the instructor

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