Focus on what is possible

Mutatis Mutandis is specialized in the realization and implementation of (strategy) changes within complex supply chains in international organizations where legislation and government regulation plays a strong role.

Mutatis Mutandis assists companies to design and implement a supply chain strategy. This is done with attention to the dynamics that companies characterizes. We strive towards a structural embedding of the changes within the organization. We want that our clients do the right things because they want it by themselves and surely understands how it works.

A wide range of personal education options fits within this approach. Therefore Mutatis Mutandis offers comprehensive training and certification programs in the area of Operations- and Supply Chain Management. Indispensable tools to implement and assure change.

Logistics and supply chain management is challenging as there will be in daily operation all sorts of exceptions to the "standard" processes. Mutatis Mutandis focuses on to manage these exceptions and -if possible- to eliminate them. There is a way to do it better. We help you to find it!

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Pragmatic and socratic

Mutatis Mutandis works with the desired final state in mind and will focus on application in daily practice. Past experiences are valuable because we can learn a lot from Them. Mutatis Mutandis uses logistic and supply chain business concepts which are proven. The actual practice will in turn produce valuable insights to the development of new (proven) processes and methodologies. In that respect we are very eager to learn.

We are also very Socratic in our approach. We try, by asking the right questions to bring to the surface what is in the organization. By daring to go off the known paths, we create creativity and will discover new perspectives. Because habits and fixed mindsets and are usually blocking the neccessary changes.

Attention for dynamics

Mutatis Mutandis seeks changes that really put grist to the mill. "Knowing how to do it" is not enough. Understanding 'why things go as they go" is required to achieve structural change. Therefore, attention is paid to the dynamics in the foundation of your performance, the future direction of your organization, the mechanisms of underlying business processes and the specific circumstances your employees are dealing with.

Structural embedded

Any change should be effectively embedded in your organization. Mutatis Mutandis strives to provide services to ensure that the acquired knowledge, learned skills and new process are structurally integrated in the day-to-day practice of the company.