Supply Chain Workshop Series

Supply Chain Workshop Series

The Supply Chain Workshop & Seminar Series are designed for those employees who have a sound basis in Operations- and Supply Chain Management, but want to extend this with practical application. Participants  will become acquainted with the main concepts within one or more of the below mentioned areas:

  • One day to get Customer Focused in Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Management and Control
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Managing Suppliers and Stakeholders
  • Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Essentials of Container Shipping
  • Applied International Logistics & Supply Chain Management

In each session specific topics are explored and practical application is sought within your own business situation. A Seminar or Workshop Series consist of several sessions which will be held on different days.

Mutatis Mutandis, the training specialist in Operations- and Supply Chain Management. With over 20 years’ experience in education and training we offer professional assistance in completing your request.

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Available courses

Below courses are offered in-company only. When you are interested, click on the course of your preference to see more details. Below the additional description you will find a form to express your interest. We will contact you to discuss possibilities.
Code Course Title Location Price*
1-CFS-INT One Day to get Customer focussed in Supply Chain Management in company 2000.00 EUR Indication per group
3-IMC-INT Seminar Inventory Management and Control in company 5445.00 EUR Indication per group
3-SMR-INT Seminar Managing Suppliers and Stakeholders in company 4500.00 EUR Indication per group
3-TOC-INT Seminar Theory of Constraints in company 4500.00 EUR Indication per group
5-AIL-INT Workshop Applied International Logistics & SCM in company 7500.00 EUR Indication per group
5-CCS-INT Workshop Essentials of Container Shipping In-company 7500.00 EUR Indication per group
5-SSC-INT Workshop Sustainable Supply Chains in company 7500.00 EUR Indication per group
*VAT incl.