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Mutatis Mutandis, a small, pragmatic and result oriented logistics consultancy firm

  • your logistics consultant. We think along with you about current logistics issues.
  • your senior project/program manager. We will take care of your logistics project and start where others think not succeed to bring you from A to Better!
  • your logistics interim professional. If you want to be quickly up to speed.
  • your master trainer. In a person-centered approach, we provide tailor-made for training and education to support your personal logistics development.

We are here for you.

Public speaker: The story teller

Looking for a public speaker for your event? Needs to have an interactive workshop? A speaker with passion and enthusiasm, who gets the public engaged and inspired? Through sharing experience, knowledge and stories stories, combined with interesting and factual information on the topic of the speech, I deliver heartfelt and genuine talks.

Public speaker Paul DennemanIn a key note speech I can take you in the fascinating world of supply chain management. Topics which can be addressed includes current trends, sustainability, circulair economy, risk management, eCommerce, fulfillment, centralization and more. Key  note speeches normally take from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

When you need more depth and background for your audience, a half day interactive workshop with group work might be a good choice. Workshop are offered around topics like:

  • Managing the unexpected, about Supply Chain Risk and Business Continuity Management
  • Global Trade Considerations, covering elements like IncoTerms, Letter of Credits, Customs processes or Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • Enabling Tecnologies, going into industrial revolutions, blockchain, Internet of Things, 3D printing, drones and fulfillment of the future.
  • Best Practices on Global Distribution Network with a focus on centralization, eCommerce and fulfillment.
  • The Color of your Supply Chain, interaction on sustainability, circular economy and corporate social responsibility.

Key note speeches and workshops can be tailored towards your needs? Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Logistic Advisor: Think out-of-the-box

cat logistiek advies

The supply chain is all that’s needed to make something worthwhile out of material of less value. This involves the acquisition of raw materials, transportation, manufacturing, and – if applicable – the recycling of used products and making them suitable for reuse as raw materials. But more over, it is about the transformation of funds as well as information as well. When one of these elements is undergoing a change, it will affect the entire chain.

Adjustments in organization, processes, information systems and logistics network are often necessary to continue to deliver the right performance. Especially in supply chains where legislation and (government) regulation is involved, this is a complex changes process, for which external advice beforehand and knowledge of implementation processes is indispensable.

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Interim Professional: Fast up-to-speed

cat interim managementYou don't have the time to wait for competent personnel is acquired and trained? Or do you need to expand your team with a temporarily specialist? Then you need a contractor who has sufficient knowledge of your industry, has the competencies needed for the job and therefore is able to solve your problem soon.

Interim professionals can temporary fill the gaps in your project, management team or middle management. Basically an interim professional works for you as an contractor and will again leave your organization after finalization of the activities he is appointed to. 

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Project Manager: From A to Better

cat project management

Is your project based on unclear, constantly expanding amount of work, which takes at least twice as much time and three times as much money as originally was budgeted and finally delivers half of the desired results? In that case appointing an external project and/or program manager can be your solution.

The project/program manager acts as a catalyst to initiate the project and to achieve the desired result, not being disrupted by day-to-day firefighting in the operational organziation. Mutatis Mutandis ensures that your project is being realized, and that your organization gets from A to Better. We typically begin at the point where others do not expect to succeed.

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Master Trainer: The personal touch

cat training

Who aspires high quality requires a great wealth of ideas. Person-oriented subject-specific training is in our opinion the basis for providing the required high quality levels. Our training approach connects theory and practice and contains of a wealth of knowledge. Developing real understanding of underlying mechanisms provides a more lasting learning experience.

Mutatis Mutandis is specialized in personalized logistics training and coaching, based on the APICS Operations Management Body of Knowledge (OMBOK) Framework. Our focus is on quality of training, practical application and personal guidance. A personal and affordable approach is one of significant importance.

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