Paul Denneman

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Paul Denneman is specialist in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. After completing his Masters "Industrial Engineering and Management Science" at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Paul has established his name in the logistics world. Paul is active as international master instructor, speaker/storytellet, consultant, senior project/program manager and interim supply chain professional. He is strong in project-driven change in complex environments. His focus is on implementing changes in environments where legislation and government regulation are the main constraints. He operates on the cutting edge of logistics and IT.

In 1993, Paul Denneman started Mutatis Mutandis, an independent consultancy firm that intends to make a contribution to improve logistic and supply chain processes. In the past years, Paul has executed various consulting, training and interim assignments in a wide range of companies.

Paul is committed to create, connect and transform sustainable supply chains, to strive towards the completeness of the circular form.Mutatis Mutandis, "After changed what needs to be changed" or in other words "With the necessary changes".

Paul’s will focus is on supporting and implementing these necessary changes, taking care of the dependencies between processes, systems and people. Moreover, he has a good knowledge of different ERP systems.

✔️ He looks beyond boundaries, and get inspired by the possibilities he sees. Not being distracted by details and symptoms. Make it as simple as possible, reducing complex problems to several simple ones.

✔️ He tries by asking the right questions and being that critical thinker, to bring to the surface what is withholding the change in the supply chain.

✔️ He dares to go off the known paths, to use and create creativity to discover new perspectives. Habits and fixed mindsets block the necessary changes.

✔️ He always keeps the intended improvement goal in mind. The circular form must be completed.

Typically, his assignments are related to clients where their supply chain:

➣ Is their core competency; or

➣ Provides them a competitive advantage; or

➣ Is constrained by borders, regulation, legislation and/or quality requirements.

The sectors in which Paul operates are mostly complex supply chain operations in high-tech, spare parts, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. Most of his clients are multinational companies.

Paul worked as a Logistic Manager in electronics assembly, Project Lean Logistics at Kühne & Nagel. Program Manager and Business Unit Manager at MARC Global (now RedPrairie / JDA). As an interim professional, he has worked for several leading organizations including Hospira / Pfizer, Intervet / MSD Animal Health, Stryker, Phoenix Pharma, Maersk Logistics, Philips, Scandinavian Tobacco, Ultimaker, Flex / Lenovo, Province of South Holland and others.

Based on his extensive experiences and insights of supply chain trends, Paul is often invited as international trainer, speaker or storyteller. He is regarded as an inspiring and knowledgable APICS master instructor focussing on all the APICS Certification Programs (CLTD, CPIM, CSCP). In addition, Paul has joined the very select group of instructors who can take care of all APICS certification programs on a master level. He was a (chief) editor and author of several professional publications. He was till 2017 president of the Dutch Association of Logistics Consultants (VELA).

Paul Campus overview W240 It is not Paul's intention "to teach tricks". His vision is to do the right things right, because we want to understand how it works. In his view, there are no standard problems with standard solutions. Therefore he is an out-of-the-box thinker and he often comes up with innovative ideas.

As a person, Paul result-oriented, process-oriented, socratic and always looking to improve and make the neccessary changes. Paul's greatest passions outside the logistics field has been singing classical (choral) music, and scuba diving. Obviously, he does so at the same high level as his professional activities. Paul lives in Eindhoven.

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