In my opinion, supply chain sustainability - next to e-Commerce and Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) - will be one of the determing differentiators which will shape supply chains the coming years.

Why? Just watch this video.

Although most organizations are still in the phase of managing sustainability as a risk, we have to start managing it as a value during our journey to create a strategic advantage.

Want to know how? Please contact me to explore our thoughts.

This was my main message at the 1st International Procurement and Supply Chain Conference in Kiev, Ukraine at June 5th, 2019. A speech which was for some the best clip of the conference, but at least several participants were touched.

All went home with a simple assignment to protect our legacy for our children:

"just implement one simple sustainable action in your daily life."

They are coloring a part of a supply chain. If we do that all, we may be making that needed change.