professional development

Get more out of your employees, have professional knowledge anchored based on a globally recognized Operations and Supply Chain Management standards.

APICS training

Discover the Operations and Supply Chain Management training programs and take your organization to the next level. The Professional Development Program has been specially developed for companies to support employees in a life long learning approach. This unique training concept contributes to every step of the development and continues to offer challenges for both junior, experienced and expert employees within your organization. Together with us and the employee the entry time is determined and ultimately you as an organization have an all-round logistics professional.

The Professional Development Program has three starting moments:

  • Junior staff will start with the ‘Principles of Operations Management’ program.  This will create a solid foundation to be successful in an operational environment.
  • Experience staff will benefit from certification programs, like Certified in Production- and Inventory Management (CPIM), Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) or Certified in Supply Chain Management (CSCP)
  • The expert wil look for specialization en actual insights. The Supply Chain Workshop Series are designed for those employees who have a sound basis in Operations- and Supply Chain Management, but look for a practical foundation.

Mutatis Mutandis is the partner who knows how to get the most out of your employees' current strengths and supports the Life Long Learning concept. We see professional development is more than just a course.

Please contact us and discover the possibilities for your organization.