Are APICS certification exams to difficult?

APICS certification exams are an expert level certification exams which will unable to broaden your mind and helps you in securing high ranked job in a reputed organization. Passing these exams enables you to evaluate, learn, practice and prove new skills in unified conditions.APICS exams are regarded as the most famous and the most challenging supply chain certification exam.

APICS is using several methods to safeguard the level of the their exams, which are with great knowledge created by industry professionals and carefully monitored and assembled by PhD Psychometricians. As it is hardly impossble to pass the exams withouit having the needed knowledge, the APICS certification exams are regarded as the most valuable certification in supply chain. Nevertheless many students find it is a hard to pass APICS exams, and pass rates of in average 65% are scaring them off. Should it be?



Need more help to pass an APICS certication exam? First read the tips below. After done that feel free to contact me, so we can create a plan.

How is APICS monitoring and update their exams and questions?

  1. Exam pass rates are quarterly monitored by the APICS Certification staff and the Certification Exam Committees.
  2. Question pools are monitored on an ongoing basis throughout the year for question performance by PhD Psychometricians.
  3. Biannual test development activity includes a review of question pool performance on individual forms and corrective action may be taken to modify items that have performance anomalies.
  4. Question performance is reviewed annually during the Certification Exam Committee comprehensive question pool reviews, and corrective action may be taken to modify items that have performance anomalies.
  5. Test developers adhere to strict test specifications when developing multiple exam forms to ensure that they are similar in difficulty.

What is the scaled score on APICS exams?

For fair and consistent decisions to be made on exam results, scores should be comparable. This means that scores from different forms of a test should indicate the same level of performance regardless of which exam form a candidate has received. This will take into account the potential variability in difficulty between unique exam forms.A scaled score provides a standard range for candidates and allows direct and fair comparisons of results from one exam form to another. A scaled score is a representation of the total number of correct questions a candidate has answered (raw score) that has been converted onto a consistent and standardized scale. Scaled scoring is a certification industry best practice for reporting high stakes exam scores, used to account for the potential differences in difficulty across unique exam forms. For APICS Certification exams, the converted raw passing score is 300 on a scale of 200 to 350.

How to prepare and pass APICS exams at the first attempt?

Seek help from Experienced Trainers

Seeking help from experienced APICS (master) trainers will help you a lot, as they have the experience of the APICS exam requirements, the materials and the exams. They will help in preparation and gives you tips on how to get hands-on Certified in APICS exams at first attempt. They will also help you in what is relevant to the exam and what is not. In short, they will have greater exposure for you. A very good way to be secured to that help is to sign up for an Instructor Led Course.

Use the official APICS Learnings Centers and Materials

Although there are many sites who offers you materials and practice questions for a fee, they are most of the time not representing the actual APICS exam levels and requirements. They can be helpful, but the number of questions in the Learnings Centers are sufficient to pass the exam. The official APICS Exam Content Manuals are referring to several books as main source. You could choose to work from these books, but that will be thousands of pages reading. The printed material from the official APICS Learning System package can be regarded as relevant abstracts from all those books and therefore are sufficient for studying.

Keep updated with the latest updates

It’s necessary that you keep yourself updated regarding APICS exam. APICS is updating the material every year. Be aware that you prepare yourself for the current exam.

Make as much as possible Practice questions

APICS exam preparation is practically incomplete without preparing for the practice test. They are as essential for preparation as a fish needs water to live. By giving them you will able to know your real exam answering speed, your preparation efficiency, and persistence. They will also help you in getting familiar with the real exam scenario. When the scores on the practice exam tests in the Learning Centers are above 70%, you may consider yourselves as prepared.

You don’t get it for free!

As every certification exam, you have to work to get your recognition. Regardless which APICS certification you are going to take; you have to count on 60 to 120 hours of study. Following classes, reading all the material, making practice questions and exams, it all consumes time.

What are the is the exam scoring, pricing and procedures for APICS exams?

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